Elena Somoza

Project Coordinator, IADT Creative Futures Academy

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Elena is the CFA Project Co-ordinator at IADT. Prior to her current role, Elena worked in the IADT Marketing Office (student recruitment, promotion and communications, advertising, event management) and the IADT Support Services Department (co-ordinating supports for students with disabilities, learning difficulties, or from disadvantaged backgrounds). From 2012 to 2021, she set up and developed the Erasmus Programme (KA1) in IADT (partnerships, students and staff mobilities, funding applications, reporting to National Agency, etc.).

As a member of the CFA team in IADT, Elena will coordinate the operations and communications of the CFA within IADT and its partners; support the development, growth and evolution of academic programmes, discipline priorities and research activities between IADT and our partners, and other third-party agencies; support student recruitment; provide guidance and support to students; and work with academic, administrative and technical support staff and engage with wider groups of staff.