An exciting new departure, Creative Futures Academy is an evolving partnership between NCAD, IADT and UCD. With the ambition to create new learning experiences and offer you more flexible access to courses than ever before, we are responsive, open and iterative.

Drawing on our collective expertise, together with that of our industry partners and growing body of alumni, we are excited to present an evolving range of opportunities, reshaping the future with you as we go. You’ll always find something new at the CFA, so sign up now to be the first to hear of the next and newest opportunities.

What is the pilot phase of CFA?

The CFA was born at the start of 2021. As a new partnership, the pilot phase runs from September 2021 to May 2022 and encompasses an exciting period of trialling and testing different ways of learning across the board.
This phase also includes wide-ranging investigations and conversations aimed at discovering what you, and the creative and cultural sector needs, as well as what the world needs from its creative and cultural sectors.

This pilot phase allows us to try out new ideas, fresh approaches, and radical thinking. Come and be part of our shared exciting future.

When does the CFA officially launch?

Our official launch is planned for September 2022.

When will I be able to apply for CFA courses?

We will be recruiting for a small number of pilot courses from January 2022. Courses will be advertised from November. Make sure to register your interest for regular updates! The CFA is also helping to enhance a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. For further details please visit the partners section.

Who can apply for CFA courses?

We welcome learners at all stages of their careers and learning journeys. Each course will have its own requirements that will be listed in the course specifications. Please check the course you are interested in to see its minimum requirements.

What CFA events and activities are planned?

We are planning a number of Creative Industries events with our partners. Keep an eye on the News Section of the CFA website for details.

Are courses accredited and at what level?

We offer a range of courses: short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate. Short courses may be offered for ‘audit’ only. This means that credits are either optional or do not apply. The specification for individual courses will provide further details on accreditation.

Where are CFA courses located?

Courses are delivered by each of our three partner institutions (IADT, NCAD & UCD); our courses will be delivered on-campus at the institution leading the course, or an associated location (e.g. one of our industry partners). Courses may also be offered on-line.

What formats are CFA courses available in?

We offer a range of formats that include: on-line, in person and blended (a mix of online and in-person).  Individual course specifications will provide further details on the course delivery format. 


Why CFA?

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