Art+Science Salon Podcast

The Art+Science Salon Podcast Series – event series, and network of creatives working at the crossroads of art, science, and technology. One episode to be recorded, produced, and released per month from April through December. Each episode will be released the last week of each month supported by CFA.

Interview with Barney Steel of Marshmallow Laser Feast, supported by CFA

In this episode, we spoke with Barney Steel of Marshmallow Laser Feast about ‘Evolver’ – an ‘immersive 360º audiovisual world’ – the Cannes Film Festival selected XR experience guided by the voice of Academy Award-winning actor Cate Blanchett and featuring musical scores by Jonny Greenwood, Meredith Monk, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Howard Skempton and Jon Hopkins.

Barney is an artist whose expansive vision has taken him from directing music videos for bands like Depeche Mode to creating and exhibiting immersive experiences at places like the Sundance Film Festival, London’s Saatchi Gallery, and most recently, Cannes Film Festival 2024. Marshmallow Laser Feast uses science as a catalyst to create highly interactive and immersive installations exploring the mysteries and wonders of life on our planet.

Read about ‘Evolver’ at Cannes Film Festival 2024:…-malick-1236012021/

Hosted by Amelia McConville and Autumn Brown
Production and Music by Daniel Tatlow-Devally
Thank you to Barney Steel of Marshmallow Laser Feast, and to Dominic Campbell of Creative Brain Week, who made this conversation possible.

Thank you also to Creative Futures Academy for the 2024 Public Engagement Grant which supported the production of this episode.

Beta Festival 2023

For this episode, we set up a pop-up podcasting corner in the Digital Lounge at the Digital Hub, where we invited the participants, stakeholders, coordinators, and artists of Beta Festival to stop by and share their thoughts on what it means to facilitate the inaugural year of this fascinating festival of science, art, and technology. We spoke with Julian Ellison (The Digital Hub), Jo Mangan (The Performance Corporation), Marguerite Barry (The ADAPT Centre), and Joanna Walsh (University College Dublin) about their individual contributions to Beta Festival.

Hosted by Amelia McConville and Autumn Brown
Production and Music by Daniel Tatlow-Devally
Thank you to the Beta Festival 2023 Team, especially to Aisling Murray, festival founder and director.

Berlin Science Week

For this episode, we recorded live from Berlin Science Week 2023, where we set up shop in a corner of the ART & SCIENCE FORUM at the bustling Holzmarkt 25 on the banks of the Spree.

We spoke with Dr Mhairi Stewart (Vice Head of Public Engagement at the Museum für Naturkunde), Dr Claire Murray (a chemist and science communicator) and Walt Nied (a designer, coder, and co-founder of the new media artist network Concept Null). In this wide-ranging conversation, we discussed definitions of transdisciplinarity, art-science lexicons, false dichotomies, and the different roles of artists and scientists when collaborating with one another.

You can read our Berlin Science Week 2023 listing — “Fertile Futures: Cultivating Creativity at the Crossroads” — here:…ce-salon-live/

Hosted by Amelia McConville and Autumn Brown
Production and Music by Daniel Tatlow-Devally
Photography by Katie O’Neill
Thank you to the Berlin Science Week 2023 Team, especially Nico Brodersen and Luiza Bengtsson.


Berlin Science Week

Trinity Art & Humanities Research Festival

Recorded Monday, September 25th 2023 as part of the Trinity Arts & Humanities Research Festival 2023.

Cross-disciplinarians Amelia McConville and Autumn Brown join tech festival founder Aisling Murray to talk about art, science and tech events both in and beyond the university.