The Institute of Directors in Ireland, Institute of Directors Northern Ireland are joining forces with Creative Futures Academy, to undertake the Creative Boardroom: Collaborate4Climate initiative.

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How it will work

This initiative aims to generate dynamic and creative solutions that can meaningfully address the complex environmental and social challenges that we currently face as a result of climate change.

The goal is to harness the intergenerational expertise and collective imagination of Ireland’s Chartered Director and CFA student communities.

Call to action

A call to action is being launched to Ireland’s 460 Chartered Directors north and south, with the aim of enlisting Directors to participate with CFA students on this futurescaping programme. The intent is for the outputs to then be extended to the participants’ respective spheres of influence as leaders across the island of Ireland.

Funded by Creative Ireland through the Shared Island Initiative under the Climate Action Fund. In 2024, participants will be involved in an innovation process based on creative design thinking principles, that combines collaborative workshops, expert sessions and peer mentoring and will deliver roadmaps for change.

Who is this initiative for?

Creative Boardroom: Collaborate4Climate is for Directors, who

  • Feel called to align and anchor their work to their purpose, and use their leadership skills to spark environmental and social change, within their immediate spheres of influence and authority, and beyond it.
  • Are motivated to lean into their creativity, in order to unlock new thinking and perspectives, and generate novel concepts and solutions that can address the greatest challenges of our time.
  • Want to understand how to reduce our environmental impact and meet our climate goals, whilst ensuring that economies thrive, and citizens lead healthy, sustainable lifestyles.
  • Are excited to expand and strengthen their network and build interdisciplinary and intergenerational connections and partnerships.

Time commitment:

The Creative Boardroom Programme requires a total time investment of 17 days, over 10 months between January and November 2024. In practice, this equates to attending one 8hr workshop per month, and spending an additional 1 hr each week on ad hoc activities such as 1-1 consultation calls, pre-reading and providing input towards monitoring and evaluation.

If you would like further information on the programme please contact