Character Design for Fantasy Fiction: The Results

Shauna Kelly

We are delighted to share the results from our CFA + IADT character design workshop.

CFA piloted an end-to-end (from story to realisation) character design workshop in Telegael, Spiddal. Run by Paul McDonnell from IADT in partnership with Gréasán na Meán Skillnet, the pilot was developed to test:

  • professional skills and learner frameworks for accreditation;
  • digital technologies for immersive environments;
  • learner appetite for incremental skills training;
  • stakeholder analysis on skills and competency needs;
  • create asynchronous T&L resources;
  • to trial collaboration between education and industry.
Character Design for Fantasy Fiction: The Results

The course was created to fill the gaps in industry skills. It was delivered to industry standards, in an industry environment, with industry standard materials. Participants engaged as if they were working on a real job. They had to work in a professional manner, hit timelines and ultimately create a character bust to a high level that would sit happily on any film, TV or stage.

Some of the IADT students paired with UCD creative writing students to develop and realise fully sculpted characters. Sessions on the design process and on narrative storytelling informed both processes. Students learned traditional and digital techniques: from design ideation, sculpting and casting, moulding, hair punching and painting, to 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Through the pilot workshop we identified 10 future micro-credential courses and a healthy appetite for L9 provision. All students who participated in the course will gain a Certificate in Professional Skills for Creative Industries from IADT.

Well done to all of the participants of the Character Design for Fantasy Fiction programme. The results speak for themselves – incredible attention to detail and skill in every character. We can’t wait to see where your creative journey brings you next!

Photos by Simon Boyle.