IMMA’s Earth Rising: Slow Fashion event

23/09/2023 - 23/09/2023
Shauna Kelly

EARTH RISING is a four-day festival of free events and experiences aimed at addressing the climate crisis and inspiring collective action towards a sustainable and hopeful future.

IMMA’s Earth Rising: Slow Fashion event

Taking place across the IMMA site, EARTH RISING promises an unforgettable experience that seeks to provoke, inspire, and empower audiences to become agents of change.

Slow Fashion: Keeping Style Sustainable

Slow Fashion : Keeping Style Sustainable takes place on Saturday 23rd September, 11am – 12noon at the Peoples pavilion. Hosted by journalist Jo Linehan, panellists Gwen Cunningham (CFA at NCAD), Laura deBarra and Mary Fleming gather for a conversation about all things slow fashion, building sustainable industry practices and how to be part of the solution by getting the most out of what we already own.


Gwen Cunningham is originally a designer by trade, but for the past decade she has been focussed on driving the practical implementation of circularity across the textiles and apparel industry. Since 2014, Gwen has led the Textiles Programme at the impact organisation Circle Economy, in Amsterdam. Since returning to Ireland in 2020, Gwen has taken up a new role at the NCAD, as Lead for Circularity and Sustainability with Creative Futures Academy. Gwen co-founded World Circular Textiles Day, chairs the Irish Government’s Textiles Advisory Group, and sits on the Board of the EU Commission’s WORTH Partnership Programme and on the Advisory Board of chemical polyester recycler Worn Again Technologies.

Mary Fleming is Founder of Change Clothes Crumlin, a community based clothing reuse hub in Dublin 12. As a recent graduate of MTU’s Circular Economy programme, Mary is committed to making circular fashion affordable, accessible, and fun.

Laura de Barra is a Cork-born property portfolio developer, author and illustrator with a background in fashion. Her previous two books Gaff Goddess and Decor Galore were No1 bestsellers. She is a regular guest on RTE Radio 1, BBC Radio, The Late Late show and contributes to the Irish Times. Her new book “Garment Goddess” (due for release Feb 2024) will help readers shop for, care for and repair their clothes. New or vintage, online or high street – Laura has the tips that will ensure you buy right to begin with and maintain well for longevity.

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