How to be an Artist?

14/02/2023 - 14/02/2023
Shauna Kelly

Join CFA at NCAD for a performative discussion on 14th February kicking off at NCAD Gallery.

How to be an Artist?


Convened by artist Frank Wasser – ‘How be an Artist?’ is a performative discussion that will posit the question of how artists conduct their practices and survive within, through and outside of the socio-economic and political infrastructures and institutions that sustain their practices.


Hosted by CFA at NCAD, the event will feature contributions from Wasser and specially invited artists. This event will also provide a performative platform for audience participation. All are welcome.


Guest artists include: Adam Gallagher, Austin Hearne, Cem A. and Michelle Malone.


Meeting location: NCAD Gallery, Tuesday 15th February, 5.30pm


Image credit: ‘Why be an artist?’ (after Leigh Hobba and Noel Sheridan), 2022, Film Still by Oisin Byrne with Grace Weir.