CFA Electives at NCAD

Through CFA, NCAD has revised its Studio+ modules and introduced a suite of new trans-disciplinary Creative Futures electives within the BA Studio+ provision. The electives are designed for blended and/or online delivery to enhance existing on-campus learning. Alongside this, we have introduced enhanced Creative Internship modules to enable full and part time internships within the creative arts and industries, and new modules that facilitate collaboration with social and industry partners on live projects. A selection of electives that are currently happening in NCAD are below.


Please note: These electives are only open to current NCAD students.

Creative Hospitality: Jennie Moran

A artists and designers, we create shared experiences and cause connections to form. These moments of co-existence are like gold dust. They bring richness, colour and poetry to our lives. In this module, we will learn how to welcome others into our work looking to the culture, philosophy and infrastructure of hospitality. We will use elements such as food, shelter, storytelling as our tools in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.

Service Design: Jennifer Groarke

Service designers create solutions for complex systemic and societal challenges, developing experiences that address the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders. Students will be tasked with designing a service that disrupts the current ownership economy.


The module is designed to help learners:
1. Employ a range of service design methods
2. Learn how to map user journeys
3. Develop knowledge and skills in innovative evidence based design.
4. Further develop skills in gathering and analysing of research
5. Learn to conceptualise and prototype service design prototypes.
6. Develop your design communication skills
7. Develop prototypes to a finished deployable level for real world conditions.

Art and Ecology (Sustainable Futures): Mark Clare, Lorraine Archer

In this elective, students will be introduced to a variety of Eco Art projects, Biomaterials and Eco-Engineering Art concepts as a way to learn from nature to create a more holistic, sustainable future. An integral component of the Sustainable Futures elective includes a Microalgae Workshop, made up of lectures and labs, giving insights into the complex ecological and biological earth systems that we unconsciously work within.

Creative Entrepreneurship: Marie Brennan

This module is targeted at students who are looking to establish themselves as an artist, media producer or designer now or in the future, and are looking to create their own products/portfolio in order to sell their work.


The Module will be very focussed on developing the tools and mindsets that could be helpful when transforming a creative practice into idea into an enterprise.
1. What a creative entrepreneur is
2. Creative enterprise in a complex world
3. Developing your personal and professional purpose
4. Marketing
5. Finance/funding/intellectual property
6. Pitching and presentation of ideas

The Theatricality of the Word in contemporary art making: Nadia Armstrong

This elective will explore the creative possibilities of language, text and spoken word in the context of contemporary art practices. We will examine tropes and techniques that artists draw out from cinematic forms, theatrical environments and the world of online entertainment.


The group will consider linguistic styles as artistic tools with which to comment on the social conditions that surround their nature. This course will analyse how language and text are used in lens-based and performance driven contexts. We will study theatricality and the written word with the aim of developing our own linguistic methodologies that can support our contemporary art-making practices.

Circular by Design: Lucy Bowen, Gwen Cunningham

The current modus operandi of creative industries is a linear one, largely following a ‘take-make-use-waste’ model. It is crucial that we as artists & designers radically reimagine our practices to be more circular, whereby work is made sustainably, used longer and then re-used or recycled at end-of-use.


This Circular by Design (CbD) elective will equip both DBE & FA students with the knowledge base and practical, adaptable skills required to apply circular principles & strategies to their design and art production processes.


The programme will harness existing CbD industry partnerships through field trips, talks, panels and hands-on workshops with frontrunning designers, makers and enablers: highlighting best practice in the field, both at home and abroad. We will expand on the formats & toolkit developed during our professional training programme, to allow for a deeper exploration of key circular design methodologies in an interdisciplinary context.

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