The Change Lab exhibition 2022

26/09/2022 - 28/09/2022
Shauna Kelly

You're invited to the launch of the Change Lab 2022 exhibition 'Place & Space'

Don’t miss ‘Place & Space’ by The Change Lab launching on Culture Night, Friday 23rd September, 6pm-7pm and continuing on Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th September, 11am-6pm in NCAD Gallery.

The Change Lab exhibition 2022


The Change Lab is a critical space for learning, thinking and re-imagining the possibilities of how art and design curriculum in second level can be taught through a Global Citizenship Education lens. Drawing on their practice as artists, researchers and teachers the Lab presents the pedagogical approach and artefacts the Professional Master of Education students created to critically reflect social injustices and unsustainable practices that define our time. The Change Lab curatorial model activates the gallery as a ‘lab’ space: emerging as a lecture space, research studio, a maker space, a site of production and exhibition. This provides the Professional Master of Education artist- teacher with a pedagogical ‘place’ and ‘space’ to explore how their art practice has a social, ethical and cultural dimension as they create work that investigates complex, real-world problems. The meaning of the artworks is negotiated, open to a public audience and the staff and students of NCAD throughout the entire experience of the Change Lab. Essentially the process is the ‘exhibition’.

The Change Lab is designed and led by School of Education staff members in NCAD. Fiona King, Leader of the Professional Master of Education (PME) programme & Tony Murphy Lecturer in Art & Design Education in collaboration with Anne Kelly, Programme Curator, NCAD Gallery. The Change Lab project is supported and funded by the Ubuntu Network.