Online event: Amplifying Voices In Publishing

23/06/2022 Shauna Kelly

London College of Communication invites you to ‘Amplifying Voices in Publishing’.

This online event takes place on 23rd June 2022 from 11-12pm.

The focus of this event is on individuals who have set up new businesses in publishing and/or have been active in thinking about how to amplify new voices in the publishing arena. The aim is to discuss the challenges and opportunities for people entering the industry and to build a sharing and supportive network of creative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from minority backgrounds.

This event will be of interest to anyone exploring diversity in the creative sector. It will look at the challenges of getting creative businesses off the ground as well as ways to empower people within the industry.

The guest panel includes Serlina Boyd, founder of Cocoa Publishing and Ekta Mahajan, founder of Creatives for You.

The event will begin with a panel discussion followed by a Questions and Answer session. This event will also give all guests the opportunity to network with the speakers on the panel and with other guests.

This event is affiliated to the Creative Industries Management Research Hub